Friday, January 29, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kindle App for iPhone, iPod, and other smartphones

Nick Baer photo books are now available on the Kindle App for iPhone, iPod, and other smartphones.

Now you can download and enjoy the color photo books on the Kindle App for iPhone and iPod, while you are on the plane, train, at work, vacation, or otherwise away from your desktop computer.

Paying for eBooks thru might be easier for some than paying thru PayPal.

You can download and register your Kindle App thru the normal way in which you add new Apps to your iPhone and iPod. (The Kindle App may be available for additional smartphones - just try from yours!).

Once your Kindle App is installed and registered (to your existing customer account), search on "Nick Baer".

Many of the 198 Nick Baer photo book titles available as booklets for order and delivery on, are already available on Kindle - more are being added. Currently, the popular: Fetal, Touch Your Toes, Bare Feet, Shower, and "Men of..." series are available for Kindle App viewing. Full frontal male nudity.

The Nick Baer photo booklets have always been a great way for picture collectors to acquire Nick Baer photos in a printed booklet, or convenient PDF download.

Now Amazon Kindle extends that convenience to your iPhone, iPod and other smartphones.

For the complete catalog visit for acquiring printed books and PDF downloads. Install the Kindle App and browse the Kindle store for Nick Baer titles.